A picture of an electric bus, electric vehicles charging, a sign outside a school encouraging consideration for active travel, a transport hub and a signpost with possible future directions

West Dunbartonshire Council is developing an approach to transport consistent with national and international goals to decarbonise transport. The Council has a key role in enabling and supporting local residents, businesses and organisations to secure better value, fairer, greener approaches.

The Council’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan seek new approaches to active and sustainable transport where: people can access goods and services more easily and more locally, active travel is more popular and zero emission vehicles become the norm.

Everyone in West Dunbartonshire can participate in the development and design of these new approaches and during 2021 many people contributed to help guide the direction of this work. To manage the implementation of these new approaches a new strategy and plan is being developed.

To help the Council refine its plans follow the links to read more. In each section there are boxes to add comments and suggestions to enable all with an interest in the proposed approaches to engage in the development of the strategy and plan.

If you are unable to complete the responses at this website then please email consultation@connectingwestdunbartonshire.info to request a that a copy of the draft strategy and plan is sent out to you.  Alternatively, you can comment by: