Better Access

Road signs and paths for walkers and cyclists

Safe routes and improved streets

Everybody wants better and safer routes in their neighbourhood for getting around on foot, in wheelchairs, and on cycles, scooters and skates.

Planning and designing for the needs of local people involves a stronger role for everyone who uses the streets, particularly the staff and users of local service providers such as schools, workplaces, shops and leisure facilities.

Options to improve safe routes and streets

Accessing Facilities

Shops, health centres, leisure facilities and other destinations have often viewed the provision of free parking as the best way to enable access.  However, at least as many trips are made by walking, cycling and public transport as are made by car. The Council plans to work jointly with providers of transport services to manage access by all modes to that is greener, better value and fairer for all people

Options to improve access and parking

Local hubs, better local facilities and planning new developments

Development such as building new homes, offices, health centres and leisure facilities can help to make access to essential services better for everyone if neighbourhood access is planned. If more people live within walking distance of schools, shops, health centres, leisure facilities, parks and green spaces (sometimes called 20 minute neighbourhoods), then people can choose local trips more often, helping to reduce road traffic levels.

Local communities have already been progressing neighbourhood hubs such as the new Clydebank Can on the Canal Activities Centre, a cycle hub in Alexandria, and proposals for a multi-modal hub at Dumbarton Central Station.

Local parcel delivery management for the last few miles to people’s homes can also help to cut the transport emissions of national courier companies and online retailers, whose deliveries can often be made more quickly and reliable through local neighbourhood hubs

Options to improve local facilities

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