Zero Emission Vehicles

An electric bus, an electric vehicle charge point and and row of parked electric cars

More Sharing of Vehicles

In West Dunbartonshire, the car club and short term car hire sector is currently limited, offering substantial potential for growth and adding new opportunities for vehicle sharing. Sharing cars, vans and minibuses in a low carbon vehicle partnership could be an affordable way for users, including the Council, to switch to electric vehicles. A shared fleet of cars and vans located conveniently at local hubs across the area could enable affordable access to vehicles and electric charging facilities enabling residents, businesses and other vehicle fleet users to reduce emissions and save money.

Options for sharing zero emission vehicles

Parking and Charging for Electric Vehicles

Parking provision in residential areas and in town centres needs to change as the proportion of electric vehicles grows. Most vehicle manufacturers will stop making petrol/diesel vehicles within the next 3 to 10 years, and these changes will have major impacts on the use of parking spaces. These are challenging timescales for providers to ensure that new approaches to parking management are in place ahead of demand for electric vehicle use. People without private driveways or other private places to charge their vehicles will need convenient low-cost charging opportunities to be made available

Options for parking and charging zero-emission vehicles

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